outfit | balancing act

IMG_7213 e

Photos by Nicole Norman, taken in the quad of my beautiful res at UCT ūüôā


Hello, world! I’m still here. Week 2 of university has drawn to a close and all I’m feeling is tired. Can I get an ‘amen’? If there’s anything I’ve learnt in the whirlwind that is varsity, it’s balance.


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outfit | welcome to the STREET

IMG_7278 e

Photos by Nicole Norman

“We came alive in this city. The people, the pace and the chaos.

Mr Price has always been one of those brands that is always on trend, and one trend that is still cool right now – thanks to veterans like A$ap Rocky (and maybe Kayla Itsines?) – is urban street style and sports luxe, and their new STREET range is definitely that international aesthetic on a budget (which is something that I, officially a student, can seriously appreciate).

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outfit | tumblr taught me

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Photos by Khensani Makhubela

When you’ve been on Tumblr for as long as I’ve been on Tumblr, you’ve seen lots of things – maybe more than you’ve wanted to by accident – but one thing you’d definitely have noticed are the fashion trends. Remember the Great Hipster Trek of 2013? The Indie Revival of 2014 (and probably 2015)? The Grungepocalypse?

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outfit | the power of red

photos by tegan smith


before i got overwhelmed by the madness that is fashion week, i had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing photographer Tegan Smith¬†while she was in joburg this past week. you may know her as the incredible photo taker behind Baked The Blog, and if you do, you’ll know that she’s good at what she does. i got to experience the magic first hand and i honestly can’t wait to do it again! i had such a great time shooting with her – and the pictures prove the magic.

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outfit | in the moondust

photos taken by my lovely mother

okay, so i finally caved. if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that when birkenstocks became a trend again, as apprehensive as i was towards them, i liked them on just about everyone else but myself, because, yano, i have ugly toes and whatnot. but, when i was matric dance dress shopping with my mom last week at the eastgate shopping mall (btw: i have a dress now and it slays, thank you mom), i stumbled into factorie and (my mom) begrudgingly bought these shoes. and i hate that i absolutely love them. like, they’re ugly, but they’re cool, right? either way, they’re one of fashions conundrums that we don’t question but if anyone asks, we blame c√©line for making them cool again (at least they’re not this bad.)

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