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Photos by Nicole Norman, taken in the quad of my beautiful res at UCT 🙂


Hello, world! I’m still here. Week 2 of university has drawn to a close and all I’m feeling is tired. Can I get an ‘amen’? If there’s anything I’ve learnt in the whirlwind that is varsity, it’s balance.


Now that I’m here, I don’t have my parents constantly helping me or available at any moment for cuddles – I have to do it all by myself. Make sure my assignments are done on time, remembering my schedule so I don’t miss lectures or tutorials, making sure I have my cab fare on me and ensuring I don’t get robbed on Long Street, all the while planning the next day’s outfit in my head, only to realise it won’t work because I forgot to do laundry. Balancing my priorities and balancing my schedule is taking  a bit longer to form a routine than I thought.

But I love it. Even though there are days when I feel down (such as today), I’m learning that it’s all a part of life and everything needs to be balanced. I mean, I can’t have a great month – I need to have a few bad days just to keep me humble (LOL). So, just as I can baaaaall out, there needs to be days when I buy my McDonalds in coins, and just like there are days when I arrive to my tutorial 28 minutes early and sit in on anthropology because I mistakenly thought it was accounting, there are days when I barely get a seat in accounting.

We can’t have it all in life, and that’s okay. It teaches us to make the best of the good days and keep everything in perspective, and that’s my approach to first year, as was my approach to matric last year: take it one day at a time. There’s this one Bible verse (Matthew 6:34) that says, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

So tomorrow can wait, because I’m just going to enjoy today!

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P.S., I’m really digging how blue my hair looks. I don’t know what I’ll do when I take them out 🙁


choker: the ramp | kimono: woolworths | top: forever 21 | shorts: h&m | belt: an istanbul shop | socks: cotton on | shoes: converse

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