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Hi there! My name is Foyin Ogunrombi (otherwise known as Foyin Og) and I began this little blog in June 2012 as a means of personal expression. I wanted to showcase my favourite fashions, outfits, music, photography and writing.

Over the years, The DearSolo Blog was my little corner of the internet where I got to be creative – I got to conceptualise my own photoshoots (and be my own photographer, makeup artist, stylist, creative director – the list goes on…), write my heart out and see my passions change as I grew older.

Now FoyinOg.com, I rebranded this space to be a place where conversations are had and value is gained, be it through beauty, fashion, lifestyle or travel. I write, I film, I shoot, I facebeat – I do it all and I wanted to reignite this platform as a showcase for it. Over the years, I’ve collaborated with brands such as Seventeen Magazine (rest her soul), Cosmopolitan Magazine, Style Africa, A Fashion Friend, Bernini SA, Avon SA, Rimmel London SA, essence cosmetics SA, Superbalist, Mr Price, The Fix, and more.

Although my brand has taken a bit of a turn, I’ll leave this original quote here: “I believe in this fundamental truth about fashion, and by extension, blogging: it is the ultimate way to live forever. With each new endeavor, you reinvent yourself; you can become a completely new person and have a completely different life at will. You have the power to be anyone you want for however long you want. You are the curator of your own aesthetic – and you should let that power liberate you, not frighten you.”

I am still just a girl, standing in front of the Internet, asking you to read her blog.

If you would like to contact me regarding invitations, press packages, collaborations, commissions, or just to say hello, feel free to contact me via email or my various social media. If you would like me to be a media/event correspondent or makeup artist for corporate events/masterclasses, also feel free to contact me. I have experience as a copywriter for digital platforms in the fashion and beauty industry.

Regarding press: I believe in the honesty policy, that is, if you ask me to blog about a certain product, I will be completely honest about my experience with it. I will also disclose when a product was a gift or not as a means of transparency.

If you would like my media kit and other statistics, please request it via email!

Please contact me through email or using my Contact page.

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