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okay, so i finally caved. if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that when birkenstocks became a trend again, as apprehensive as i was towards them, i liked them on just about everyone else but myself, because, yano, i have ugly toes and whatnot. but, when i was matric dance dress shopping with my mom last week at the eastgate shopping mall (btw: i have a dress now and it slays, thank you mom), i stumbled into factorie and (my mom) begrudgingly bought these shoes. and i hate that i absolutely love them. like, they’re ugly, but they’re cool, right? either way, they’re one of fashions conundrums that we don’t question but if anyone asks, we blame céline for making them cool again (at least they’re not this bad.)

here are also some cool things that happened in the past weekish:

  • i got into student residence at my ideal university/college for next year (whooo!)
  • i survived an earthquake (not even joking, johannesburg had a 5.3 earthquake on tuesday)
  • my team won an interschools quiz championship (i was there as the pop-culture-buff, sorry not sorry)
  • at said championship, my teammate may or may not have given me bronchitis – either way, i’m sick currently
  • i tried out this supercool hairstyle below and i’m thinking of doing a tutorial on it
  • the awesome people at LEGiT Fashion put my flower crown DIY on their blog – you can read all about it here
  • i developed an obsession with FKA Twigs and you can watch her slay while vogue-ing here

and that’s about it! exam season is coming up again, so wish me luck and have a blessed week 🙂

blazer: verso london | top: cotton on sandton | high waisted chinos: primark | firkenstocks: factorie | clutch: atmosphere by primark | ring: lovisa


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  1. August 13, 2014 / 10:51 pm

    This is a cute oufit. Yay! red braid streak gang. As an ugly shoes worshiper and someone who wanted to live in these (and socks) in the early-00s I’m glad they’re available to buy everywhere again. Also, yay uni and features on the internet.


    • August 24, 2014 / 11:15 am

      thank you! red braids are everything, they make my soul feel on fire. my family hates my ugly shoe collection but yano, fashion, so i am drawn to them. thank you thank you xx