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photos by tegan smith


before i got overwhelmed by the madness that is fashion week, i had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing photographer Tegan Smith while she was in joburg this past week. you may know her as the incredible photo taker behind Baked The Blog, and if you do, you’ll know that she’s good at what she does. i got to experience the magic first hand and i honestly can’t wait to do it again! i had such a great time shooting with her – and the pictures prove the magic.

and speaking of magic, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll probably have heard me cry about my ridiculously large head and how i can never find hats that fit me. this is particularly distressing, seeing as how huge hats are right now (trend wise, not size wise). maybe this is because i have a gigantic head, or maybe it’s because i usually have braids, but the point remains: it’s a sad time for me. so when i went to Foschini in sandton literally 10 minutes before this shoot and tried on a hat to see that – shock horror – it fit me, i felt like shooting a patronus into the sky and bellowing praise to the heavens! fun fact: did you know that this hat is actually called a trilby, whereas the hat i’m wearing (larger brimmed, flat all around) is a fedora? semantics, shmantics, but still, now you know!

i’ve seen quite a few fedoras around in stores, but only very few are below R400,00. mine is from foschini for R220,00, woolworths also had a few straw (as opposed to felt) fedoras ranging from R149,00-R250,00, and stylemology also has straw fedoras for R299,95. if the price isn’t an issue, you can always get one from cotton ontopshop or accessorize (the links are from the international sites, but trust me, there are hats in store).

in case you were wondering, this post is called the power of red because as a monochrome advocate, sometimes i forget that other colours exist. my lovely peplum tank top is from mr price, and i originally wanted it in white, but they didn’t have it in store, so i just went with the red and i’m really happy with how the outfit turned out!

let me know what you think!

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