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female energy from foyinog on 8tracks Radio.

seeing as i just endured a tiresome 13+ hour drive to cape town a yesterday, it was only appropriate that i turned to my trusty friend 8tracks to find new songs during the car ride. if you don’t know about 8tracks – its basically a mecca of all music, as compiled into genre/theme specific playlists by users with a pining for some good music. View Post

current obsession: iggy azalea x charli xcx

it’s a known fact that i love both iggy azalea and charli xcx. iggy has been my obsession since her mixtape ignorant art – i still have the last song on repeat from time to time – and she is one of my favourite video artists because there is always a well directed/lit/styled story in work, bounce and change your life. i’ve only been listening to charli in the past four or so months and i really love her debut album, especially so far away, stay away, and how can i. 

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current obsession: jhené aiko.

last name: aiko.
first name jhené.
pronounced: juh-nay ai-ko.
profession: artist.

because to label her ‘a singer’ would be a little bit of an injustice. upon discovery of her music a few years back, i was instantly besotted with her smooth vocals and honest lyrics, finding in them little pieces of myself (especially during all of the emotional turmoil i was enduring at the time). but when she released the song 3:16am, something in me sparked a bit. was it the beat? her voice? the lyrics? you decide for yourself. suffice to say, my study alarm has been set to 3:16am ever since with the title “i do not feel the fear of falling”, just to be corny.

she’s not exactly new to the scene, as you’ve probably heard her on drake’s song, from time, and if you haven’t, you’ve probably seen the lyrics splashed on twitter and facebook (who am i kidding – i’ve quoted “i love me, i love me enough for the both of us.” too).

her latest ep, sail out, succeeding her previous ep sailing soul(s), is start to finish brilliant, featuring the likes of kendrick lamar and childish gambino. suffice to say, i’ve tried to learn all the words to comfort inn (freestyle), the worst has me feeling all kinds of unwanted feels and WTH is a mellow tune that i genuinely enjoy – especially ab-soul’s verse on it.

give jhené a listen – you wont regret it. you can buy her latest ep here and take a look at her tumblr blog here.

Current Obsession: Lorde

Current Obsession: Lorde

Because I really don’t have time to blog but I promised myself that I wont neglect my blog, I came up with a little compromise: if I cant let you in on what I’m wearing or give any analyses/insights into my favourite trends right now (that post is coming, I promise. It’s been in my drafts for weeks, I just lack the concentration to actually sit down and write it. Oops), the least I can do is let you in on what I’m listening to.

Lorde is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from New Zealand who’s really blowing up at the moment and I’m really obsessed with her music – it has this alternative-pop-electronic-indie vibe and her music is a really easy listen. I embedded her EP above so take a listen 🙂 I still have her hit Royals on repeat, I love Tennis Courts and Million Dollar Bills is also amazing.

Wishing you all a really happy new month and to all of those in the southern hemisphere (like me), HAPPY SPRING DAY! 🙂 Feel free to let me know what you’re listening to at the moment, I’m always looking for some new music to indulge in.

Current Obsession: The Neighbourhood

Current Obsession: The Neighbourhood

Whilst recovering from my existential crisis, as seen in here, I needed something to listen to. I can only watch Harry Potter so many times or listen to the same playlist again before I realise I need something a little new in my life. Don’t get me wrong – I still watch Harry Potter every night and listen to the same playlist when I’m walking home from school, but a little change of music here and there while I do my trig homework is always good. And as always, it’s always hard to find something new, because everything you know sounds like everything you know, right? So I was listening to an 8tracks Radio playlist called Come To Conquer, and I stumbled across this amazing band: The Neighbourhood.

The American band has this amazing indie-rock/electronic vibe and I am shocked that I haven’t listened to them before. I just downloaded their album and I have Afraid, Female Robbery and Sweater Weather on repeat.

This time, I’m actually giving you a warning about my lack of posts for the upcoming week. I made it on my schools executive (prefects type system) and we’re going on camp from Tuesday and this weekend I am swamped with assignments, so yeah. But anywho, enjoy your week 🙂