current obsession: jhené aiko.

last name: aiko.
first name jhené.
pronounced: juh-nay ai-ko.
profession: artist.

because to label her ‘a singer’ would be a little bit of an injustice. upon discovery of her music a few years back, i was instantly besotted with her smooth vocals and honest lyrics, finding in them little pieces of myself (especially during all of the emotional turmoil i was enduring at the time). but when she released the song 3:16am, something in me sparked a bit. was it the beat? her voice? the lyrics? you decide for yourself. suffice to say, my study alarm has been set to 3:16am ever since with the title “i do not feel the fear of falling”, just to be corny.

she’s not exactly new to the scene, as you’ve probably heard her on drake’s song, from time, and if you haven’t, you’ve probably seen the lyrics splashed on twitter and facebook (who am i kidding – i’ve quoted “i love me, i love me enough for the both of us.” too).

her latest ep, sail out, succeeding her previous ep sailing soul(s), is start to finish brilliant, featuring the likes of kendrick lamar and childish gambino. suffice to say, i’ve tried to learn all the words to comfort inn (freestyle), the worst has me feeling all kinds of unwanted feels and WTH is a mellow tune that i genuinely enjoy – especially ab-soul’s verse on it.

give jhené a listen – you wont regret it. you can buy her latest ep here and take a look at her tumblr blog here.


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