Current Obsession: The Neighbourhood

Current Obsession: The Neighbourhood

Whilst recovering from my existential crisis, as seen in here, I needed something to listen to. I can only watch Harry Potter so many times or listen to the same playlist again before I realise I need something a little new in my life. Don’t get me wrong – I still watch Harry Potter every night and listen to the same playlist when I’m walking home from school, but a little change of music here and there while I do my trig homework is always good. And as always, it’s always hard to find something new, because everything you know sounds like everything you know, right? So I was listening to an 8tracks Radio playlist called Come To Conquer, and I stumbled across this amazing band: The Neighbourhood.

The American band has this amazing indie-rock/electronic vibe and I am shocked that I haven’t listened to them before. I just downloaded their album and I have Afraid, Female Robbery and Sweater Weather on repeat.

This time, I’m actually giving you a warning about my lack of posts for the upcoming week. I made it on my schools executive (prefects type system) and we’re going on camp from Tuesday and this weekend I am swamped with assignments, so yeah. But anywho, enjoy your week 🙂


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