current obsession: iggy azalea x charli xcx

it’s a known fact that i love both iggy azalea and charli xcx. iggy has been my obsession since her mixtape ignorant art – i still have the last song on repeat from time to time – and she is one of my favourite video artists because there is always a well directed/lit/styled story in work, bounce and change your life. i’ve only been listening to charli in the past four or so months and i really love her debut album, especially so far away, stay away, and how can i. 

so this combination made me especially happy. but disregarding the music, its the music video that everyone’s been talking about. clueless is one of those timeless classics, so when iggy and charli combined to do a cher horowitz and tai frasier re-up, it pretty much made my week. tumblr had a field day with the gifs and my twitter timeline was just filled with praise for the video (because errbody loves clueless). directed by director x, we should give him an award just for getting the visuals spot on. i felt transported back to the movie and it was perfect (at least to me).


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