outfit | me, circa 2017

outfit | me, circa 2017

Photos by Lydie Byart

Lately, I find myself straying from outfit and fashion posts because first of all, I spend all my money on makeup so my wardrobe is scanty at best, and secondly, my recent weight gain has me feeling quite uncomfortable in the clothes I already own (if they even still fit me, lol).

Since UCT has given me an extra long holiday (#TeamNoDefer), I came home on a mission to lose the tedious 10kg+ that I had gained due to emotional/psychological/academic hardship. And y’all. It is not easy. Please can someone explain why I can gain weight just by breathing but losing weight is a mission and a half. Nonetheless, it was still summertime so I had to evaluate my summer wardrobe and wonder how my tummy and thick thighs will enter half of the things I own.

That’s how I found myself in MRP, buying loose off-shoulder tops and dresses, bodysuits for days and this ’90s inspired embroidered denim skirt. Not only did I find that the off-shoulder tops were kind to my broad shoulders, they also looked cute AF with these velvet chokers (packs of 3 for less than R40 – what a steal. I like the look of doubling them too). And this skirt keeps my fupa tucked in a bit because it’s high waisted and not too short – it’s serving low cost Gucci aesthetics with the floral details.

I loved how cute this outfit worked out and of course, when blogging in Joburg, if you don’t shoot at the Circa gallery, were you even there?

As I battle with losing my Second Year Spread and slowly regain items of my wardrobe, I’ve learnt that I have to get a little more creative and shift away from certain aesthetics and lean into others as my body goes through some changes. I hope that I get to build up my wardrobe again this year and I’m excited to see what it’ll look like!

chokers, top & skirt: MRP | sneakers: nike at shelflife


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  1. sam
    January 28, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    Love this outfit and your looks great!!

  2. January 28, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    Lovely post Foyin 🙂 Really well written with stunning images! The Dear Solo just keeps on getting better – seriously, site looking so good. All the best for 2017 xx