florals? in autumn?

photos by sope og

to paraphrase the devil wears prada, i am wearing florals in autumn. groundbreaking. but in other news, you’ll see below that i cut my hair. i did it very impulsively yesterday morning and with my outfit today, i legitimately felt like one of my fave bloggers, raya rossi. i also committed a lot of blogger cliches today and i understand completely why bloggers do it – its so fun! i: wore my jacket over my shoulders instead of actually putting my arms through them; wore a chain necklace with a button up shirt; wore socks with jelly sandals; carried a celine(-esque) bag.

i went to tashas in morningside this morning for breakfast and when you walk around in an outfit (and with a bag) like that, you definitely feel the contemptuous glares from the sandton kugel mothers. it’s empowering. sidenote: tashas makes amazing french toast and bacon, and i really like their vanilla bourbon tea!

what i wore
  • jacket from marks and spencers (thanks mom!)
  • shirt from mr price
  • skirt from legit (i bought this skirt about 5 years ago, does that classify as vintage?)
  • socks from cotton on
  • jelly sandals from cotton on
  • bag was a gift from my mom
  • jewellery is also my moms

have a wonderful week, everybody :)! read more for more outfit pics!


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