#mbfwj day 2: tart & selfi

my inaugural fashion week attendance was pretty much life making. in another post, you’ll understand exactly why, but this one is about the first show i witnessed. like most fashion related institutions, the space was running a competition to see a #mbfwj show – in this case, the tart & selfi show on the 21st of march 2014 – and of course i avidly took to the interweb to enter, therefore the biggest of huge ‘thank you‘s goes out to them for the tickets! being in the second row was amazing – i sat behind this lady (who was live instagramming the whole show, shoutout to her ability to edit/post so quickly) who, for a few minutes, i genuinely thought was lena dunham. it was very confusing but ridiculously awesome to say the least.

tart‘s fall/winter 2014 collection was very simplistic, in my opinion. they featured a bold black and emerald x black and fuchsia zebra print along with their predominantly black themed collection. there was a lot of sheer, a lot of fringe, but also a lot left to be desired. i felt that i had seen a lot of this before – a simple long sleeve black dress? suffice to say, i was thoroughly underwhelmed. (shoutout to the model though, i think i love her.) don’t get me wrong – the pieces were beautiful constructed and they were very ready-to-wear, maybe just too ready-to-wear. there wasn’t enough fabric versatility, or general ingenuity for my liking. i didn’t feel like i was at a fashion show.

i did really appreciate the emerald and black chiffon dress in the first image, the fringe dress in the second image and the asymmetrical skirt in the second image – asymmetry is very big right now and i loved that they (and selfi) incorporated it into their range. i also loved the shoes and the fuchsia lipstick that complemented the fuchsia garments. there were a few looks that i couldn’t capture as nicely (fashion show photography is hard), like this beautiful pair of fringe trousers and skirt.

all in all, it was a very lovely, yet rather tame, first fashion show experience. for more (and better) images of the complete range, click here

selfi‘s range, on the other hand, i really enjoyed. they used many different fabrics and colours (like that burst of colour in the middle of the range – if you follow south african magazines on instagram you probably would’ve seen that red and blue ensemble) and incorporated some of my favourite trends. a big shoutout goes to whoever picked the music for that show – i was jamming in my seat to the trap that was playing!

even though the peplum trend is dying out, i really enjoyed the new take on it in the third picture of image one and the last picture of image four. ever since the creation of the infamous zara skort, asymmetry has been everywhere and i loved the use of it in not only the skirts, but the chiffon crop tops too. paneling is huge right now, and they did it beautifully in their tops such as in the first pictures of image one and four. picture four of image two – those tailored high-waisted pants are so beautiful they deserve to be in my closet.

i really loved the monochrome print that appeared in the middle of the collection – the use of the inverse of it was so clever and i loved the crop top + asymmetrical skirt effect in picture two of image three. they also partook in a trend that i wore that night, myself – socks and heels! i’m really loving this trend because not only does it look quirky, it aids your feet as well (my pinky toes will never forgive me for yesterday’s vigorous abuse 🙁 ).

selfi had a really beautiful collection and i’m so glad that i was there to see it!

for more (and better) pictures, click here.

this brings me to the end of part one of my #mbfwj experience! stay tuned during the week for more 🙂


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