many floating umbrellas

if you’re currently in johannesburg, you, like me, will be and have been experiencing rain, and lots of it since saturday morning, and even though this is my favourite kind of weather, trying to enjoy a friend’s birthday weekend in braamfontein when its pouring can really put a damper on things. so i thought it would be nice to reminisce about a sunnier time, literally a week earlier in the same place, so we can hope to remember what it feels like not to constantly be soaking wet.

this is the proceeding post to my outfit post here and its just a bit of the braam vibe my sister and i visited that day. more of a “braam photo diary” because i don’t have much to say other than i finally got my jam/consol jar (whoooooop) and my paella (you have to wait in line for a good fifteen minutes so that you can get some before it finishes – it’s the hunger games outchea, literally) and it was lush.

as you have noticed, regular blog updates have been a bit of a problem because of school – it is honestly so time consuming it’s ridiculous. matric is not fun. at all. and i don’t even do any fun subjects (unless you count trig substitution indefinite integrals in ad maths fun…?), so to find to time to blog in between homework, sleeping and crying is a bit tough, but i am trying my best. because trust me, i have lots of ideas, just not enough time. the only reason i’m doing this now is because i’m at home sick (blegh), but i promise, i’ll try my best to update regularly.

i wish you a merry weekend and because you care, my 18th birthday is in 24 days 🙂

yummy paella & sunglasses from cotton on
don’t be fooled – this looks beautiful but tastes like booty
sneaker cam

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  1. March 6, 2014 / 6:18 pm

    Wish I’d go one of these days. It looks beautiful and sorry about the booty juice.