I Got That Justin Bieber, Please Believe It

I Got That Justin Bieber, Please Believe It

Queen Of Puns & Corny Post Titles has to keep her game on point, you know. First off: Happy Sunday friends! Hope you all have a blessed day 🙂

After the June/July holidays when my friends went to London/America, I was so happy when Grace got me this Justin Bieber shirt! Everyone knows that I am a huge belieber, so when I saw this shirt, I nearly peed. Back in my hardcore belieber days, I was fangirling on Twitter when this cover came out in 2011.

Also something I’m giddy about – my new shoeeessss~~! I got them yesterday from Sportscene in Sandton City. I’ve always wanted a pair of white Converse low tops so when I saw them in leather, I was even more excited. They’re so beautiful – I love them! You can also see a pic of them on my Instagram. I added in a new Instagram slideshow on my blog sidebar, you like?

The rest of the outfit goes as follows: the skater skirt is from Cotton On, the stockings and cardigan are from Woolworths and the chain is from my mom. At least my outfit’s not entirely black, right?

Busy busy week ahead 🙁 I’m spending the rest of my day doing trig homework and studying for a chemistry test, yay. So enjoy your day/week ahead!


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