I find it incredibly ironic that for the photos that are specifically for the purpose of this blog, I am always fully made up, yet in real life, you seldom see me in make up. Maybe it’s because when most girls started having a go at foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara… my mom said no. At the time, I may have resented it because for a girl who’s physique wasn’t the most feminine, femininity was all I wanted. But now, I am beyond grateful for it, because I don’t deal with constant breakouts (I notice that whenever I wear make up for two or so days consecutively, I breakout), and I don’t have to worry about people I know seeing how I look without make up on, because that’s how I always look. Dispelling the usual, people seem more surprised when I wear make up than when I am seen without it.

And seeing as the rest of the world has seen me without make up, who am I to feign authenticity in my thoroughly made up photos? So have a look – my face completely stripped bare, with nothing on but plain lip balm. Let’s see just how vulnerable I can look, especially seeing as I woke up not too long before I took these. No make up. No editing. No filters. Just me. Just for control.


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    • August 18, 2013 / 7:04 am

      Thank you! I guess they just curl a bit after I put them into a ponytail or bun 🙂 x

  1. August 18, 2013 / 8:22 pm

    I am in the exact same state as you. Just the fact that my mother didn’t tell me no, I chose not to. And really I am also really greatfull 🙂 Really nice to see other bloggers who don’t use makeup yet continue the blogging!


    • August 18, 2013 / 9:25 pm

      Despite how I got there, I’m grateful too 🙂 Thank you! x

  2. August 21, 2014 / 5:51 pm

    your lips are probably the most beautiful ones i’ve ever seen!