Having A Tall Day

Having A Tall Day

As a teenage girl of 5’9″, I own a few pairs of heels but naturally, I find it very difficult to find an appropriate situation in which to wear them. But every now and then, I feel the urge to feel my feet hurt. I feel the urge to tower over people and to be 6’1″. Just for fun. Today was one of those days – I was merely milling around Nicolway Shopping Centre with my mom and enjoying a lovely breakfast at the Food Lovers Cafe (I highly recommend it – beyond amazing!) in my mustard suede wedges and I loved every moment of it.

What Am I Wearing?

  • A necklace from Lovisa
  • A white tank top from Mr Price
  • A blazer stolen from my mothers closet
  • A ring that was a gift
  • Jeans from Primark in London (tall section, whoop whoop)
  • A handbag from a flee market
  • Wedge booties from New Look in London

The necklace was actually a purchase from today’s venture to Nicolway – there’s a Lovisa in the centre and they’re having a lush sale – including a 3 for R100 sale! If it wasn’t for my large fingers that make ring shopping traumatising, I would’ve bought more. My booties below are my pride and joy (other than my Steves) and I honestly wish I could wear this colour more often so I could wear my shoes more often 🙁

Have a lovely day and have a lovely week!

xo, Foyin Og


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