The Creators Of Class (Chanel)

The Creators Of Class (Chanel)

I believe that Chanel created class, and for that, they’re one of my favourite brands/fashion houses ever. At Paris Fashion Week, Karl Lagerfeld debuted the Spring-Summer 2013 line and it gave me such a vintage feel – quoting, It seems as though Karl Lagerfeld has somehow channeled Coco Chanel for this collection and stayed true to her original ideas on what her fashion line should look like.”

The fashion show took place at the Grand Palais in Paris yesterday and how magnificent is this venue? There’s one item I just want to draw your attention to before we look further into the ready-to-wear collection – it’s the bag. Below is King Karl himself modelling the exorbitant Chanel bag, and below that is the bag on the runway. I don’t know how to describe it other than it’s extremely large.

Moving on swiftly, back to the collection. The shoes, as you can see above and on a lot of the other models, are quite bold and stocky but they make it work. It’s an interesting design – it’s as if it was this close to becoming a pair of wedges – but I like it.

These outfits above feature a lot of tweed, and it’s clear to see that this collection has a variety of fabrics used in it. The garments have a very retro and vintage look to them, I can imagine people like Twiggy wearing this.

Here, again, we can see the rage in colours and materials (the top left includes some leather) and a complete change in shoes to a more classy and simple kitten heel. I, personally, am not the greatest fan of the kitten heel but I feel that it suits this classier look and the pearls add to the era-piece.

These outfits seem to remind me a bit of Jackie O – the little blazers have off a kind of woman-in-power vibe.

Now can we briefly discuss how amazing the above right outfit is? The dress is just so intricately made and even the bold jewelry doesn’t overpower it. King Karl did it again.

xo, Foyin Og


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