Blogger Spotlight: Fashion Breed

Blogger Spotlight: Fashion Breed

I am completely and utterly besotted with Fashion Breed blog, by Aqeelah Harron. Just a little background info on the blog/ger: Aqeelah is a fashion & travel blogger/stylist/photographer from Cape Town who is currently based in Doha, and when I say she’s a travel blogger, I mean this girl goes all around the world (and I’m beyond envious).

The reason why I’m so very besotted is because Aqeelah:

  1. Gets to travel and photograph the world.
  2. Has amazing style.
  3. Has an eye for other people’s incredible style.
  4. Is always on/ahead of the trend!
  5. Reminds me of Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars (I think I’m alone on that one…)
I’m a big fan of her What I’m Wearing posts – her style is both trendy and also incorporates her culture.

A few months ago, Aqeelah was the flogger (featured blogger) for another amazing blog, A Fashion Friend. Check out her posts for that week – including the incredible creature coat – here.
One of Aqeelah’s recent posts features her photo journal from her trip to Copenhagen – the photos are absolutely stunning. I highly recommend that you follow her – it’s a real quality blog.

xo, Foyin Og

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