Steve-y Wonder

Steve-y Wonder

Ever since I was at the tender age of 10 years old in a shopping mall in New Jersey, and oh-so-obsessed with celebrities and fashion (nothing much has changed there), I have had a love for Steve Madden. I think it all began with a trend I saw – his wedges were becoming very popular and I, of course, had to be in the loop. Even though I did not own a pair of Steve Maddens until a few days ago, my sisters did, and I coveted the bright red, patent leather stilettos like nothing on this planet. One of the happiest moments of my life was finding out that a Steve Madden shoe store had opened in not only Fourways Mall, but Sandton City. Although finding a place to wear such heels, with me being 5’9″ and 16 years old, proved difficult, it did not stop me from walking into the store whenever I went to the mall.

Now, this is where the story gets happy. Mommy dearest, knowing how much I love Steve Madden, found a little compromise for me. She got me a pair of shoes that she knew in which I’d be able to get more wear, and I’d still have the little Steve Madden tag on the inside. I’d like to share with you my new babies, my current pride and joy, and a long-awaited and severely overdue pair of shoes. My Steve-y Wonders.

In other news, I wore these babies in and experienced first-hand that putting candles on the floor is generally not a good idea. Any tips on how to get candle-wax off your fabric shoes? 🙁

xo, Foyin Og


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