Motives & Thoughts

Lauryn Hill’s poem re-imagined…

You see, when Lauryn Hill told us to check our motives and our thoughts,
The good woman was on to something.
This world can do a load of harm if you let it into your system.
The government lies, that’s why I don’t trust them.
The schools lie too, that’s why our economy is in the dustbin.
We’re taught what they think we should know and nothing more.
The sad part is, we accept this, and of our own, no thoughts.
We want success – so greed rots our core,
But we forget that Father God and Mother Nature settle the score.
We believe independence equals freedom,
But independence is just another set of rules that I don’t believe in.
We trust institutions with our children and our money,
Yet we don’t even trust our neighbours enough to ask for a spoon of honey.
We save for a day that will never come,
And put off the things that always do.
We easily believe the things that are blatant lies above the things that are hurtfully true.
I often question what I want out of this life,
And happiness always seems to be my first answer,
But it seems like life has a way of sneaking in its own type of worldly cancer.
Jesus himself said that this life won’t be easy,
But that didn’t mean that we must start being sleazy.
We need to turn back to the morals of the past –
At least those created a love that did last.
I want to live a life that is guilt free,
But on the journey for success, is that easy?
Always remember your thoughts and your motives,
Because they often denote what type of life for you there is.

This all stemmed from Kanye West’s tweet, This is just a train of thought .. but figure it’s better to read than trained thoughts” and Lauryn Hill. Thank you for reading.
xo, Foyin Og

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