Blogger Spotlight: Black Fashion

Blogger Spotlight: Black Fashion

Before I tried my hand at blogging (seriously) on Blogspot, I was a self-proclaimed Tumblr veteran since 2009. So, I thought it appropriate to do a little spotlight every now and then on blogs that I like, and I thought that I should start with the Tumblrs I like.

My first Blogger Spotlight goes to the wonderful, amazing and truly afrocentric Tumblr, Black Fashion by Javii.

If you haven’t heard of this blog, you probably should have by now. It features Africans and their style, from Nigeria to South Africa to America to England. They reblog the fashions they like and open their submissions to allow you to show your stuff.

A reason I decided to do the spotlight now is because they recently featured a former co-Seventeen Magazine Style Counsel member and one of my personal favourite bloggers, Tony Gum! Congratulations!

Take a peek, follow and enjoy!

xo, Foyin Og


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