read | when in doubt, polaroid out

have you ever looked through your parents’ photo albums from back in the day? i have, and i’m proud to say my parents were pretty swag. they posed nonchalantly by trees or cars, with their jerry curls (mom) and their afros (dad), and took polaroids from parties that are now stuck between the flaps of the album pages… and when polaroid cameras became cool again thanks to you darn hipsters, i just knew that i had to have one and make my own memories.

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outfit | opposite of adults

‘opposite of adults’, alternatively titled, ‘the security guard thought i was too fat to be on a seesaw’.

my polaroid camera was a birthday gift and it is my world 

you know, since i recently turned eighteen, i haven’t actually felt that different. sure, i can vote, drink, drive (when i get my ish together), gamble, get married, get my own gym membership, my own savings account, blahblahblahblahblah, and sure, some of those things are daunting, but other than that, i’ve been very calm about this whole aging process.

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