outfit | opposite of adults

‘opposite of adults’, alternatively titled, ‘the security guard thought i was too fat to be on a seesaw’.

my polaroid camera was a birthday gift and it is my world 

you know, since i recently turned eighteen, i haven’t actually felt that different. sure, i can vote, drink, drive (when i get my ish together), gamble, get married, get my own gym membership, my own savings account, blahblahblahblahblah, and sure, some of those things are daunting, but other than that, i’ve been very calm about this whole aging process.

but this leads me to my alternative title: i’ve always dreamed of having a playground photoshoot, you know, swings and seesaws and grass and trees and stuff, and because my friend josh is finally claiming his fashion fame via lookbook, i had someone to shoot with. until a security guard had to #callitKendrick and kill my vibe by telling me i was too big to be on a seesaw, because they’re meant for little kids. regardless of the fact that i’ve been approximately the same height since i was fourteen, i took offence for two reasons: 1) was he calling me fat??? and 2) why can’t big kids try to feel like a kid again? was i really causing so much damage by just being on a freaking seesaw? it wasn’t like i was preventing anyone else from being on it or sneering at children – the park was pretty desolate that day. but hey, we got some great shots and i got to have some #CarefreeBlackGirls2k14 moments and it was great – we went to vovo telo (one of my fave places for some tea and carbs) for tea and catching up and just overall nice times.

now, regarding my outfit. socks and shoes are now one of those “unorthodox” trends that are really big right now, and i’m really loving it. but do you know what else i’m trying to make a thing after my clueless love revival? crop tops and tops. cher did it here and i was really digging it. i tried my own take on it at MBFWJ as seen via stylista here and i thought i would try it again and like, make it a thing. (hint: start doing it guys its really cool)

what i wore
  • beanie from h&m
  • denim jacket from mr price
  • peplum top from cotton on
  • crop top from cotton on
  • mom/boyfriend jeans from topshop
  • jelly sandals from cotton on
  • handbag from yves saint laurent (via my mom)
  • bracelet was a gift from my netball coach (AWWW)
  • rings & necklace were a gift from seventeen magazine SA

outfit photo creds go to josh 🙂

p.s. i was thinking of making a facebook page, so i could post all the other photos i took and didn’t put here and i could put regular updates/ootds/news and stuff between posts. thoughts?

read more for all the photos!

fun fact: this photo was taken right after the security guard told me to get off the seesaw. hence the side-eye.

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  1. April 22, 2014 / 3:51 pm

    I love this post! Don’t worry about any of those adult things! You will have to take care of them one way or another so I find it is best to just enjoy being you (and the big kid that is inside), haha.

  2. April 22, 2014 / 8:23 pm

    Don’t grow up, Foyin, it’s a trap! And I am on board for crop tops over tops. x