beauty | the BBB: big braid bun

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Alternatively titled: My Anaconda Don’t Want None Unless You Got Buns, Hun

Seeing as it’s #ThrowbackThursday, I thought I’d post this braided hair tutorial from my A Fashion Friend flogger series!

Whenever I saw Solange Knowles or Neema Nouse – or basically every other black girl with box braids – with these gigantic buns, I was always super jealous and felt like I’d missed the memo and wasn’t privy to the big conference that taught everyone how to make these buns, because no matter how long or how thick I made my braids, my buns always looked incredibly pathetic by comparison. So, after searching for answers for a while & finally finding a useful YouTube Video, I have learnt how to accomplish the massive bun, and I’ll impart it onto you in 6 simple steps.

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beauty | my trippy-drippy nail tutorial

alternatively titled ‘how to dip your nails in the blood of your enemies’
p.s., none of my enemies were harmed during the making of this tutorial.

according to tumblr, as soon as it becomes october, it’s officially halloween, so keeping in the spirit of things that are spooky, creep and/or cool, i finally decided to try out this dripping nail art technique, using my nail art brush that i got from avon and this beautiful blood orange (although titled zesty orange) woolworths nail polish. it also helps that they bring on this sort of clown vibe, which is all the more creepy.

i had already filed my acrylic tips into a stiletto shape out of boredom, and i thought this effect would look really cool with that nail shape!

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beauty | my basic make up guide

in case you’ve ever been curious as to how i do my make up, this is the post you’re looking for. i would’ve gladly made a video, except my recorded voice sounds like a banshee and i would also find the recording process increadibly awkward – so here is a consolatory middle ground! a step by step photographed guide to my basic make up, which takes no longer than 10 minutes. it’s suitable for day, and if you tweak it a little and exaggerate it slightly, it’s perfect for night.

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what’s scarier than… candy crush?

happy belated halloween and stuff! seeing as i don’t actually celebrate the holiday and usually just do group dress-up for school civvies days, the fact that it was thursday evening and i hadn’t actually planned an outfit got me all shook up. because, like… what was i gonna do?

i really wanted to be wednesday adams – buuuut i accidentally gave my wednesday adams-esque dress up dress away to charity. and i desperately wanted to be 50 shades of grey using paint strips, buuuut i didn’t plan it out (and tanya beat me to it, so it actually all worked out). and i refused to be a cat. so, with the theme being ‘lonehill horror story’, i was casually playing candy crush and then i was just like – what’s scarier and more horrifying than a level you’ve been stuck on for a month. (i would know – it’s happened to be 3 times.) and alas, here we are, with about six pages of printed candies and 21 odd safety pins. diy. lol

people really committed this year, too – they came as minions (yellow paint and all), boys came as babies (diapers and all) and boys came as girls (leggings and crop tops and all), there were some dear nurses, seven dwarves, fairies, sailors, superheroes and zombies, it was overall pretty intense.


Spring Awaiting

Spring Awaiting

Although, on any given day, I will proclaim that I am a fanatic for all things cold and dreary (the colours grey and black; cloudy/overcast days; London, etc), my favourite season might possibly be spring. Why? I love flowers. I love pinks, and purples, and greens, and sunshine (not heat, do not be mistaken), and sunglasses, and dresses, and skirts, and overall pretty things. It’s utterly pathetic. Anywho.

Since I have not done a proper DIY since summer, I thought that since spring was just a week away, I might kick it off with a little DIY. To be honest, it’s not the most inventive nor creative, but I have been meaning to make a flower diadem for myself so why not blog about it 🙂

What You Need:

  • Fake Flowers (at least 5)
  • A Glue Gun
  • An Aliceband

And that’s it. That really is.

What You Do:
  • Make sure your glue gun is hot and pick up your first flower. Turn it upside down and put a reasonable sized blob of glue right in the centre.
  • Place that flower in the centre of your aliceband and hold it down for at least 10 seconds.
  • What I did for extra support was take the little green leaves that are attached to the stem and glued them to the underside of the aliceband.

  • And then you repeat with flowers on either side. 

  • And repeat until you’re happy with the size of your flower diadem 🙂 

Now you’re free to enjoy your spring and summer like the flower child you are. Hehe. Wishing you all a happy weekend – mine will be filled with schoolwork 🙁 Until next time.