beauty | my trippy-drippy nail tutorial

alternatively titled ‘how to dip your nails in the blood of your enemies’
p.s., none of my enemies were harmed during the making of this tutorial.

according to tumblr, as soon as it becomes october, it’s officially halloween, so keeping in the spirit of things that are spooky, creep and/or cool, i finally decided to try out this dripping nail art technique, using my nail art brush that i got from avon and this beautiful blood orange (although titled zesty orange) woolworths nail polish. it also helps that they bring on this sort of clown vibe, which is all the more creepy.

i had already filed my acrylic tips into a stiletto shape out of boredom, and i thought this effect would look really cool with that nail shape!

what you need
1. avon nail art brush | 2. white nail polish | 3. woolworths zesty orange nail polish (or any coloured polish for that matter) | 4. nail buffer | 5. nail file | 6. cotton bud | 7. acetone/nail polish remover

step one

first off, you need to file your nails into the shape you want (i chose stiletto), buff your nails so that they’re smooth and flat and then clean them with nail polish remover.

step two

then, apply two coats of white nail polish onto your nail. this will be the base onto which your blood nail polish drips.

step three (part 1)

next, you’re gonna need your coloured nail polish and the ball end of the nail art brush. if you don’t have a nail art brush, you can substitute it with a toothpick and/or a veeeeery thin paintbrush.

step three (part 2)

from here on out, you’re going to need to have incredibly steady hands. using the ball tool, dip it into the red nail polish and make 5-7 dot on the middle of your nail. make them varying heights and keep a reasonable distance between them so you have the space to “pour” your paint.

step four

next, paint the tip of your nail in the coloured nail polish – kind of like those gold capped pointy toe shoes you see in aldo.

step five

then, using the brush side of your nail art brush, join the dots to the cap of your nails, and blend it in a little at the top to really make it look like it’s dripping.

step six

using the cotton bud, dip it into the acetone and clean up any messes on the edges of your nails.

and voila!
you have a trippy drippy nail! 🙂 what do you think? let me know if you like it and especially if you try it out!

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  1. October 8, 2014 / 8:35 pm

    This is so cool! I’m also really obsessed with your extensions, they are the perfect texture! Do you mind telling me where you got them from and what brand they are?

    • October 8, 2014 / 9:39 pm

      thank you! & thank you again – although my mother is my personal hair buyer, I do know that this particular one is peruvian hair 🙂

  2. November 21, 2014 / 9:19 am

    wow.. nice art man.. this white and red combo is very nice.. i like your site very much.. very easy to create this art..ill definitely try this..thanks for sharing it..