outfit | genesis

outfit | genesis

Photos by Nuzhah Jacobs

Beyond the coincidence of this being an all-black outfit and naming this post Genesis, I chose this title because Genesis is the first book in the Bible – i.e. it’s the beginning – and with the 1st of September being a little over two weeks away, it’s almost the start of spring, too.

And while the date may mean absolutely nothing in Cape Town (apparently spring only starts mid October anyway), I liked how symbolic it was, seeing as in this literal OOTD, I’m wearing MRP’s SS2016 range.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a massive MRP fan and I seldom leave the store empty handed, so when I saw their SS2016 lookbook, I knew I needed to invest in some pieces – namely their light-up sneakers! I thought they were so ridiculously amazing that I needed them instantly, and instead of playing safe with white or black, I should go big or go home and get the silver metallic ones. And I regret nothing. Not only do these babies look cool, they’re actually really comfortable as well! It’s quite sad that the lights aren’t that visible during the day but in the dark? They’re amazing. You can choose between multiple colours, or you have have flashing white and alternating colours too. They’re rechargeable¬†and at a pretty great price point as opposed to their competitors.

I’m also loving this chiffon shirt dress too, and I can’t wait to style it in warmer weather. By the way, this was my first online shopping experience with MRP and I’m quite satisfied with how it went! Considering I ordered at about 4:30pm on a public holiday, I got my order about four and a half working days later (a weekend fell between it to) which is pretty great! I love the thrill of receiving things you’ve ordered – it’s like a gift to yourself.

Anyway, that’s it from me! Let me know if you’re also lighting up your feet ?

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.35.03 PM

jacket: 32 clothing | tank top: atmosphere at primark | shirt dress: mrp | jeans: topshop | socks: h&m | shoes: mrp


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