beauty | bronze goddess makeup tutorial

beauty | bronze goddess makeup tutorial

I’m back at it again with the YouTube tutorials! This time around I did a simple golden/bronze eyeshadow look that is beyond easy to replicate at home! It started out as an everyday makeup routine video but this just goes to show that lashes can change the tome of your makeup!

These are the Fashion Breed lashes in the style Kally that I’m raving about everywhere and as you can see – I jumped on the wave and got those spoon/oval brushes! I know they’re not the original Artis brushes but they still do an amazing job of blending out foundation and concealer. In my opinion – you should definitely get the bigger brushes or individuals because I got the 10 piece set and hardly use the other six or so brushes! The four you see me use in the video are the only four I touch, unfortunately. The rest are a bit impractical.

Now I’ve already written about my Inglot eyeshadow palette using the Freedom System so just know I listed the individual colour names on my YouTube’s description box because I genuinely believe they’re essentials.

Apart from that – I think that’s all from me for now! Please remember to like, comment, subscribe and share my video đŸ™‚Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.35.03 PM IMG_5180 IMG_5172 IMG_5174


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