outfit | black (girl) magic

outfit | black (girl) magic

Photos by Keagan Kingsley Carlin

“My skin absorbs sunlight and my hair defies gravity – you can’t tell me that I am not magical.” – Alyestal Hamilton.

Over the past year, there’s been a radical self love movement sweeping the globe and it goes by the name of Black Girl Magic. It’s not like it didn’t exist before the internet, it’s just that we didn’t quite coin the term until more recently. But we all know what it means – it’s when you see a fellow woman slaying and it encourages you to stand a little taller, work a little harder, love yourself a little bit more because if she can, you can, too.

It’s like the term ‘namaslay’ – the slay in me recognises the slay in you. Black Girl Magic is how we give credit to the girls doing the damn thing, be it in technology, academia, entrepreneurship, fashion, beauty, science, business – you name it.

But sometimes having all the greatness of other people paraded before your eyes can either give you a sense of imposter syndrome or have you feeling incredibly mediocre. So here is my little Sunday morning reminder to you that Black Girl Magic isn’t only for the women doing the incredible “big” things – but it’s for you, too. It’s not only for the women with hourglass figures and bouncy afros – it’s for you, with the boyish frame and relaxed hair. It’s not only for the women who break records and do all the ‘firsts’ – it’s for you, struggling to pass your courses in school but doing the best you can. It’s not only for the women who have light skin and socially acceptable features – it’s for you, who may feel like an outcast because you’re dark skinned, fat and you may not look like an IG model. It’s not only for the women who listen to Erykah Badu and classic hip hop – it’s for you, who listen to alternative genres and sometimes get teased about not being ‘black’ enough (whatever that means). It’s not only for the women who feel like they are magic – it’s for you, the women who just feel normal, as a reminder that you are magic too.

There is no checklist of achievements or a subscription you have to pay for in order to be a magical black girl. You just are one. So keep pushing, keep trying, keep achieving, keep slaying, because whoever and wherever you are, dear black girl, you are magic.

This post was lowkey inspired by the Normal Girl Magic episode of the Frank Podcast by Janine and Tshego!

Outfit things

In my eyes, you can never go wrong with black and gold. I recently got this amazing coat from Coats For Africa in Claremont for R260.00 (yes I said R260.00) and I am obsessed with it. And speaking of obsessions, I’m also swooning over my new glasses (unfortunately they’re just for aesthetic purposes so I have to put on my other, less cool, glasses to actually see and do things) and my Fashion Breed lashes! I’m wearing the style Kally and they give me absolute life. I got so many compliments on Twitter when I wore them – they are literally 3D lashes, so soft and wispy and I’m so proud of Aqeelah who made such an incredible product and a first for SA! But if these are still too much for you, she does make other styles and is releasing some new designs soon so keep an eye out!

Life has been a bit hectic but I’ve got some amazing stuff coming on the blog! Have a magical week ahead ✨

P.S., how amazing are these photos by Keagan? We had tea and a quick interview (look out for her Solo’s Corner feature coming soon!) and then we shot this – she’s one of my fave local photographers and you can see why. She is (alongside her husband, Greg) amazing at what she does and you can see her own blog here. Look at what the power of collaboration can do!

P.P.S., I was going to put a disclaimer on this post that one girl’s magic does not diminish your own – i.e. just because I’m talking about black girls doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t magical too – but I thought you guys would already know that ?

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coat: coats for africa | turtleneck: woolworths | jeans: topshop | belt: my sister’s closet | socks: h&m | boots: h&m | bag: h&m | glasses: that guy outside kitcheners



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