outfit | the money shot

outfit | the money shot

Sometimes when a city speaks to you, you have to listen. And lately, when it comes to fashion, I feel like Barney Stinson’s motto of “new is always better” isn’t really what Cape Town’s been saying to me. Sometimes old is good. Sometimes something so old that it’s not even yours is better.

I usually get upset when people talk about all these great vintage market finds they have, meanwhile when I go thrifting, dololo, but I’ve come to realise that vintage/thrift shopping, like most things, is about patience, a good eye and location location location. At the right places, you can find great pieces without the gentrified price tag.

And that’s how I got myself this vintage jacket that I’m wearing – one September evening, my friends and I went to a night market and I found it, just knowing it was the one. It made me feel like I was at my peak cool-kid.

So to pass on some blessings if your Cape Town friends haven’t already invited you to these events on Facebook (and you don’t have the time to leisurely walk through Mowbray), here are three markets to check out:

  • The Vintage ExperienceFormerly a weekly night market at the German Club in town, their next big event is The Vintage Shopping Expo on the 9th of April. You can get more details here. This is where I got my jacket from!
  • Pigments Monthly Market: Recently started by the ultimate blogger babe Siki Msuseni, this is a monthly vintage market that happens on the last Sunday of the month at the Beijing Opera on 7 Rose Street in Cape Town from 12pm-5pm.
  • The Upmarket Market: Happening at Side Street Studios in Woodstock on the 2nd of April at 10am, here’s a fashion, jewellery and craft market filled with both vintage and artisan goods. Here’s a link to their Facebook page.

Shoutout to those lovely images by Sibu Mpanza once again! We definitely got the money shot.

Have a great upcoming week 🙂

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jacket: vintage | body suit: mr price | jeans: topshop | bag: yeye oge | sneakers: nike at shelflife

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