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IMG_9710ke Dezemba bosssssss – it’s the festive season and i thought it would be the best time for a little giveaway, courtesy of DearSolo and the very nice people at Four Cousins Wine. Four Cousins recently launched their range of Fivers, which is a range of alcoholic fruit beverages that would look pretty great poolside during the holidays (enhances the instagram aesthetic, and all that).

Four Cousins Fivers come in five different flavours: Black (ginger; the zesty one), Cool (apple, lime & cucumber; the chilled one), Blush (strawberry & litchi; the sexy one), Crush (apple & pear; the flirty one) and Bold (pomegranate; the sassy one). in honour of the new Fivers, Four Cousins have declared 5pm Fiver Time! so if you’d like your own tasting pack to sit back and drink with your friends this summer at Fiver Time, keep reading.

IMG_9734the Fiver tasting pack comes with all five Fivers, a bag and a cute little bottle opener!

because of the nature of this competition, i can’t emphasise this enough: this competition is only open to those who are in South Africa and are over the age of 18. almost 18 isn’t quite 18 – and being 22 on your student card doesn’t count.

how to enter:

there are a few methods of entering, but all you have to do is tell me why you want the Fivers! chilling on the beach with your friends? fancy sundowners? pool parties? it’s that easy! there are five Fiver tasting packs to give away, and each person gets a maximum of two entries across my different social media. you can either:

1) like DearSolo on Facebook and comment on this post using the #FCFiverTime hashtag with your answer.


2) follow and tweet @foyinog using the #FCFiverTime hashtag & your answer.


3) follow @foyinog on Instagram and comment on this post with your answer!

the competition runs from today (wednesday the 3rd of December 2014) until next week friday (the 12th of December 2014). remember – there are five prizes to give away and you can enter twice across the different social media to increase your chances! winners will be chosen from a random draw.

good luck 🙂




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