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local & lekker | cheap & cheerful

as a fashion loving student, it would be a dream to say that i could afford Topshop and Zara every weekend, but you see, the way my bank account is set up… so, i compiled a little list of local buys (with the exception of Stylemology and Superbalist) that are trendy, yet very friendly to your bank account.

mr price summer wishlist

mr price is literally my go-to store for everything – they’re always on trend and if you look hard enough, you can find just about anything you need without breaking the bank. instead of paying R650 for an item elsewhere, you can buy a complete outfit for under R300! a lot of people worry that with mr price being so popular, everything you wear will be worn by every other girl in south africa, but it merely becomes a matter of  styling and buying basics or key trendy pieces to add to your wardrobe that will set you apart from the masses. i love the playsuit and kimono, because they’re a much cheaper alternative than in Topshop, and mesh tops, asymmetrical and midi skirts are a huge summer trend. you can also buy sliders in every colour, and on the plus side, they’re so comfy!

the collaborations x mr price

mr price also does a lot of collaborations, and their recent collabs with Anisa Mpungwe and Henry Holland have some really awesome pieces in them. Henry Holland screamed to me, “viva la crop top!” and the Anisa Mpungwe collection had some incredibly beautiful midi and pencil skirts. i am a huge fan of ankara looking prints, so i was drawn to them almost immediately.spree set

spree is a great place to shop right now because most of the above items are on sale! which is why i put the last dress there, even though it’s R600. it’s an Akedo dress, which means it’s really on trend and right now, it’s at a great price. football tees, asymmetrical skirts and chiffon dresses – really great for this summer and they won’t break the bank!

the bucket hatispoti or the bucket hat, whatever you call it, this is a trend that is super cool (but i can’t engage in it, because, you know, giant head) and seems to be here to stay at least for the summer. you can find them in just about any colour/pattern in Woolworths, and you can also get the epic 2Bop hats from The Lot.
so, this summer, enjoy the trends without bankrupting yourself, because the festivities this month might do that all for you 😉
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