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seeing as matric prelims are well underway, it is very unsurprising to find that the internet is very appealing right now. so, while i was procrastinating studying – which i stupidly do at my computer – i came across some cool things on the internet and i wanted to share them with you:

  • this may not be as cool as it is horribly disconcerting and incredibly life ruining – hello kitty is actually not a cat. i know right. she’s apparently a perpetual third grader named kitty white who lives in london and has a cat named charmmy kitty, as well as a secret twin sister we knew nothing about. even though this is seriously suspicious due to the fact that she has whiskers, it’s still pretty childhood destroying.
  • justine skye, the girl tyler, the creator thought was really beautiful (must be nice), who is also an incredible rnb singer, just dropped her new single featuring tyga called collide. it is AMAZING. you can check it out via complex magazine here.

  • in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, sunday night was the long-awaited MTV VMAs, or, as they were appropriately dubbed, the BeyMAs, because beyonce giselle knowles-carter decided to show us all how it’s done and did a 15 minute medley of her entire BEYONCE album. she did the whole thing. and it was amazing. and then she was awarded the michael jackson video vanguard award, which she did so tearily with jay z by her side and blue in his arms, and i wont lie, i shed a young thug tear in that moment. but the image above has since become iconic, and i think i want it tattooed on my thigh. idc idc idc.
  • afropunk – also known as the coolest festival on this planet or, as noted by the new york times, “the most multicultural festival in the US.” photos from the fest have been saturating my tumblr dashboard and i don’t mind one bit. the afropunk movement is one to give a face to those not as represented in mainstream media, to display those who do not wish to conform or be conventional or just another face in the crowd. it shows the range of culture, both african and beyond, that exists in the states, and it culminates in an awesome street fashion and music heaven in brooklyn, new york. i have made it one of my life goals to go at least once in my life, once i succeed in finding my dark blue braids that i have been coveting since i was 15. speaking of hair, awol erizku decided to take some hair portraits of the afropunk-ers, and it is everything.
  • the world’s latest model obsession, gigi hadid, recently redid anna wintour’s famous 1988 debut vogue cover, and she looks incredible. i first learnt of gigi as cody simpson’s girlfriend, and since then, she has skyrocketted to my attention from walking the catwalk for jeremy scott to being a tom ford girl. she is taking over the world and all i can say is power to ya, girl!
and that’s all i’ve got for ya at the moment! you can catch up with my visual inspirations on tumblr and keep up with my tweets on twitter! i am about to get knee deep into some physics, so wish me luck! and feel free to share some of your cool links with me for when i don’t feel like working 😉

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