fashion | the yays, the nays, and the ‘i love you so you can do whatever you want’s

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seeing as award season is over, the met gala is like the last reprisal for fashionistas and fashion junkies everywhere. and it never disappoints (and even when people’s outfits disappoints, its merely fuel for the blogosphere’s fire, so, like, everyone wins). the inner 13 year old blogger in me would be happy because i’m blogging red carpets again. lol. so without further adieu, here are my best/worst dressed and those i can forgive, otherwise known as the yays, the nays, and the ‘i love you so you can do whatever you want’s.

images from NYtimes

the yays

1. kim kardashian, even though virtually everything was better than last years couch, i really love this gown (the shoes are a separate case).
2. rihanna always slays. she should be in the last category if she just didn’t look so flawless anyway.
3. sarah jessica parker should also be in the last category but she looks iconic here so it’s fine.
4. suki waterhouse in burberry = amazing.

1. hailee steinfeld is an up-and-coming style icon. love love love
2. emmy rossum’s carolina herrera dress is flawless.
3. karolina kurkove wins best dressed HANDS DOWN. look at that. i mean, come on.
4. arizona muse looks like a disney princess.

1. greta gerwig makes that hem werk.
2. the beckhams could arrive in trash and they’d still look like royalty (even though i saw someone compare posh spice’s dress to a cigarette – i LOLed)
3. janelle monae is also someone who deserves to be in the last category but her cape/coat/whatever is flawless and i want ten.
4. kylie minogue’s grecian-esque dress is just beautiful.

1. kendall jenner, because kendall jenner.
2. kirsten wiig looked amazing because she was one of the only people to wear pants and she slayed. to quote myrtle snow, “balenciagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”
3. selena gomez x jessica alba x dvf looked amazing. they’re my faves anyway because they never disappoint.
4. blair waldorf- sorry, leighton meester owns that drop-waist dress.

1. joan smalls and vera wang because joan smalls. and vera wang. (i kept typing vera want subconsciously because even my brain knows i want joan’s dress)
2. karlie kloss looked amazing in that rich brocade – the gloves just finished me.
3. taylor swift never looks bad. ever. she’s physically incapable. she has a body made for gowns and her hair has become iconic.
4. marion cottilard – i just really like her, okay.

1. johnny depp may look like he just walked off a movie set but amber heard’s lace dress was amazing.
2. kate mara may only be on here because i’ve recently become obsessed with the blacklist but i’m a sucker for rich lace, so.
3. because frank ocean.
4. serena van der woodsen with her iconic cleavage looked amazing.

1. lena dunham’s dress looks like something that should belong in my closet. i want it.
2. anne hathaway’s dress (is that a crop top + skirt?) looks so classy and poised.
3. cara delevingne was about the only other lady to wear pants and my goodness she looks hot.
4 viagra net. beyonce was actually not my fave, but maybe out of fear of the beygency, i’ve grown to kinda like it.

the nays

1. anna wintour – the queen of fashion. i have no clue what to heck you’re wearing.
2. sandra lee… maybe its the fabric mix, or just the cheap looking fabric, but…
3. nicole richie usually belongs in the third category but i have no clue what is happening with this look. maybe grey hair would’ve been better.
4. neil patrick harris, like, i love you man, but, all i got is: ?????????????

1. brie larson looks like she’s going to a party in nigeria. that’s the only place where i would accept (maybe even praise) this outfit.
2. rita ora. she breaks my heart so much, man. like, i was rooting for her, i really was. but she always does this ?
3. lea michele *sighs* maybe if she just stopped trying so hard to be sexy. idk.
4. rosamund pike. this was just very unflattering and just. *sigh* ?

1. solange would also go into the last category if not for this… this… orange… thing. so ill-fitting and unflattering and just no ?
2. lupita is just like solange. i love you but nah… this dress, according to twitter, looks like a peppermint crisp.
3. chloe grace moretz is my fave because i live vicariously through her but this is just too many ruffles/feathers/everything.
4. maggie gyllenhaal. i don’t even know what to say. she looks like one of those spiritual yoga instructors.

1. kirsten dunst. noooooooooope. i know sunday was star wars day (may the fourth be with you) and monday was revenge of the fifth, but the death star? come, now.
2. shailene woodley. what to heck.
3. kristen stewart, i know you just did that spread for chanel, but you didn’t have to keep all the feathers.
4. emma stone, i own a crop top and maxi skirt too.

the ‘i love you so you can do whatever you want’s

1. gabrielle union. she wore feather right. and she’s a testament to the slogan ‘black don’t crack’.
2. florence welch. she can do whatever she wants, i love her music.
3. the olsen twins have earned the fashion rights to wear whatever they want and still look great.
4. erykah badu is the only one allowed to wear ridiculous hats (sorry not sorry, pharrell). she’s a queen.

aaaaaaaand that concludes this red carpet round up. i tried not to be so mean because i love and respect a lot of these women, just that some of their stylists need a firm talking to after this debacle. i’m not trying to tear them down or anything.

anywhoo, i start school on thursday and i get to vote for the first time in my country’s national elections tomorrow ? yay for adulthood. have a happy tuesday xx


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  1. May 7, 2014 / 12:48 am

    LOVE THIS!!!!! I could not agree more with all of your comments:-) I think Suki Waterhouse’s dress was my fav…perfection!!! Also, I love the music choice…awesome song!!!!

  2. May 9, 2014 / 11:48 pm

    Kim Kardasian looked amazing, and I think she has for a while now… I don’t know but I think we are going to have to start acting like she has her style together from here on out. haha.