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while i was indulging in a belated #throwbackthursday last night, i kept thinking about how i haven’t taken a decent selfie in a while (ever since i broke my iphones back camera focus, to be exact. even though selfies are with the front camera, but whatever). and i couldn’t just┬átake a selfie, so i set up the tripod in the late afternoon and had a bit of fun with my camera’s aperture and iso speed – fully taking advantage of the white light streaming through the window, and this ethereal looking shoot was the product.

i apologize in future for the lack of posting – i just got back to school and i’m already sleep deprived, up to my neck in tests and i’ve already had like three panic attacks, lol. matric is hard, and it’s about to get much harder, so i promise nothing ­čÖü

without further adieu, i give you: ethereal: self portraits. read more for more


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