dear solo is going on a little hiatus

you know how they say, “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission?
i’m doing neither. i’m just letting you know.

because i’m in grade 11 and this set of exams is pretty darn important, my blog is going to be the least of my worries at the moment. what will be the most of my worries? well, physics, chemistry, maths, ad maths, accounting… you get the picture.

i will post when i post, but i make no promises. this is just an explanation as to why i won’t be posting: i’m trying to get an education. lol

good luck to everyone else who will be writing exams, especially to the matrics who are writing their finals (YAAASSSSS!!!), the varsity students who have just a few left, etc etc. if i don’t update in that long, happy thanksgiving to the americans who read this blog 🙂

thanks for understanding!


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