My City, Does Indeed, Rock

My City, Does Indeed, Rock

Yes, I’m talking about Johannesburg. Do you know how I know that my city rocks? Because I witnessed it, first hand at 94.7 and Santam’s Joburg Day.

September 1st 2012, otherwise known as Spring Day and in this case, Joburg Day, meant that it’s get your shorts and sunnies out, ’cause we’re heading to Riversands Farm. It was hot and dusty, but it was a most definitely a jam with artists like ChianoSkyGoodluck, Locnville, Mi Casa, Prime Circle, Pascal & Pearce, Crazy White Boy, Goldfish and more. I love some of these artists with a burning passion – I will belt ChianoSky’s Walking Away like I have the long hair, bangs and red lips; everyone knows Zoma by Crazy White Boy, and whether or not you actually know what it means (I fall into the ‘or not’ category), you will sing along and start a party. And if you didn’t know how to greet in some of SA’s native languages, These Streets by Mi Casa just taught you something new. Is it even possible to forget about Goldfish and Goodluck? These artists are showing the South African music charts flames – South Africa has some amazing local talent – we are a force to be reckoned with.

The weather was great, the company was greater, but the vibe was the greatest. Partying with a group of strangers, foam fingers in the air – nothing beats that, but just a word of advice: don’t wear white shoes to an outdoor event unless you don’t want them to be white anymore. 

I also got to wear in my DIY’ed ombre shorts, and even the white on that ended up slightly brown. My shirt and handbag are from Mr Price and my boots are from London.

Enjoy pictures of ChianoSky, Locnville, Goodluck and Joao from Mi Casa (aka my future husband)! 🙂

xo, Foyin Og.

ChianoSky performing.


Matthew Moolman.
Mi Casa’s front man (and future hubby), Joao.



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