bastille, bastille

in light of yesterday marking the annual J&B Met (of which i was unfortunately not in attendance), between sneezing and coughing my way through my saturday and habitual instagram stalking of those at the actual Met (the tgether girls exponentially increased my fomo – i am still waiting for my sunglass hut inner circle invite too), i was reminiscing of a saturday, three weeks former on the 11th of january, on which i got to see the band bastille perform live at emmarentia dam, also including the acts matthew mole (my faveeee), beatenberg and bed on bricks.

matthew mole

matthew mole kickstarted the show and i was so excited to see him perform, it was unreal. not only is he the cutest person and performer everrrrrr, his whole one-man vibe on the stage makes it so easy for him to connect with the audience. even though i missed beatenberg’s performance (we had to find somewhere shady to sit – the weather on the day was absolutely ridiculous. it was so hot i felt like i was in australia), i could still hear them perform chelsea blackmore and a cover of frank ocean’s thinkin’ bout you, which made my heart smile. buuuuuut because of the incredibly hot weather, by 3:30pm, mother nature had decided that it was time for some rain, so that had a few hundred people all trying to squish under tents and trees while bed on bricks’ performance had to be cut short. fear not, though, because literally right before bastille was supposed to come on, the rain stopped and the sky cleared – it was magical. dan, who is a british born south african by the way, was so charismatic on stage, he was giving the backstage crew man a heart attack with his incessant microphone moving because the cable got tangled. dan was climbing the scaffolding, moving across the apron of the stage and during flaws, he put on his hoodie and walked through the crowd. not even joking, he was a metre away from me – it was incredible. all in all, i think all 15 000 of us had a great time, come rain or shine (or both). a particular shoutout to jenna because it was her 18th birthday on the day!

a huge shoutout must go to nokia, seed experiences and 5fm – but in particular to nokia because without them, i literally would not have been there. their free tickets and complimentary picnic basket and blanket honestly made that day more comfortable for me and my friends! seed experiences always hosts such amazing events – their latest one is the olmeca tequila mad decent block party, this saturday the 8th of february in joburg in mary fitzgerald square and on the 9th of february in cape town at the dias parking lot – you can get your tickets here. an extra special thank you to the organisers for not making this a ‘no camera’ affair – this is one of the only concerts where i’ve been allowed to bring my dslr and what a world of difference it makes! thankyouthankyouthankyou!

i hope everyone has a great week/new month of february! with valentines day coming up soon, may the odds be ever in your favour. continue reading to see more pictures!

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happy 2014: just do it

in my overly pedantic ways, i am often the kind of person who will put off doing something because a little detail isn’t right. i won’t start making my toast until i’ve started making my bacon so they both finish on time, i won’t put on a bikini until i’ve finally toned up, i won’t apply for a job until i know i have a means to get there, and more specifically, i won’t update my blog until it looks exactly how i want it too. hence why it is the 14th of january and only now am i wishing you a happy new year – begrudgingly at that, because i still didn’t buy my .com but i decided that i won’t put off blogging until i have.

like i mentioned a few posts ago, 2014 will have dearsolo seeing a few changes, and if you’re on a laptop, you’ll notice i’ve changed the layout/colour scheme for the new year and knowing myself, i’ll probably change it again. to quote sean kingston, “she’s indecisive – she cant decide.” but in the year 2014, my final year of high school before i embark on one of the most life altering journeys yet (being an adult), i want to challenge myself to a few things.

in my new years 2013 post, i spoke about not making new years resolutions and just changing my outlook on life and whatnot, but because 2013 was relatively kak, i decided that maybe i should go back to the drawing board. new years resolutions are not a list to be made on the 1st of january – they’re something i keep adding to and holding myself accountable for. and this blog has inspired me to add another one: “procrastinate less“. not only in terms of my school work (which is very important), but in life, in blogging, in everything.

what am i waiting for? if i want to keep waiting until the stars align before i do anything, i will be waiting forever and essentially do nothing. life is not perfect, and attempting to make it so before i start to live instead of living while i make it so is completely counter intuitive.

this year i aim to embody nike’s slogan “just do it.” self love now, apply now, eat my toast now, blog now – life is too short to spend it waiting. thank you for bearing with me and i hope to keep myself accountable (especially to my ‘blog now’ resolution).

p.s., as i came on to blogger to write this little post, i saw this and nearly screamed. 10 000 views in a big deal (to me) and i thank every single person who has read my blog and stayed with me in my existential crises and incessant changing of things :)))))