outfit | in the moondust

photos taken by my lovely mother

okay, so i finally caved. if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that when birkenstocks became a trend again, as apprehensive as i was towards them, i liked them on just about everyone else but myself, because, yano, i have ugly toes and whatnot. but, when i was matric dance dress shopping with my mom last week at the eastgate shopping mall (btw: i have a dress now and it slays, thank you mom), i stumbled into factorie and (my mom) begrudgingly bought these shoes. and i hate that i absolutely love them. like, they’re ugly, but they’re cool, right? either way, they’re one of fashions conundrums that we don’t question but if anyone asks, we blame céline for making them cool again (at least they’re not this bad.)

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outfit | lust for leather

photos taken by khensani of glitter daiquiri 

lately, i’ve had this (ridiculous) obsession with leather. and believe me when i say it didn’t help when i went shopping the other day and ended up in cotton on, face to face with a pair of leather joggers. i stood and stared at them, as if i were in a cliched romcom. the world moved in slow motion and all i could do was look at these pants… and laugh. i thought they were absolutely ridiculous, so of course, i bought them. lol. even now, whenever i talk about them, i laugh, because they are so weird (and my family hates them) but they are, like, the single greatest thing i own at the moment.

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