beauty | my trippy-drippy nail tutorial

alternatively titled ‘how to dip your nails in the blood of your enemies’
p.s., none of my enemies were harmed during the making of this tutorial.

according to tumblr, as soon as it becomes october, it’s officially halloween, so keeping in the spirit of things that are spooky, creep and/or cool, i finally decided to try out this dripping nail art technique, using my nail art brush that i got from avon and this beautiful blood orange (although titled zesty orange) woolworths nail polish. it also helps that they bring on this sort of clown vibe, which is all the more creepy.

i had already filed my acrylic tips into a stiletto shape out of boredom, and i thought this effect would look really cool with that nail shape!

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Current Obsession: Lorde

Current Obsession: Lorde

Because I really don’t have time to blog but I promised myself that I wont neglect my blog, I came up with a little compromise: if I cant let you in on what I’m wearing or give any analyses/insights into my favourite trends right now (that post is coming, I promise. It’s been in my drafts for weeks, I just lack the concentration to actually sit down and write it. Oops), the least I can do is let you in on what I’m listening to.

Lorde is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from New Zealand who’s really blowing up at the moment and I’m really obsessed with her music – it has this alternative-pop-electronic-indie vibe and her music is a really easy listen. I embedded her EP above so take a listen 🙂 I still have her hit Royals on repeat, I love Tennis Courts and Million Dollar Bills is also amazing.

Wishing you all a really happy new month and to all of those in the southern hemisphere (like me), HAPPY SPRING DAY! 🙂 Feel free to let me know what you’re listening to at the moment, I’m always looking for some new music to indulge in.