outfit | kimono me krazy

This post was originally posted on A Fashion Friend, and to be honest, their photo edits were cooler.


photos by Josh Lubinsky

I think it’s no surprise that the summer of 2014 was kimono crazy – they’re sleek, easy to wear, take any outfit from an average person 6 to a hipster 8.5 and they make you feel completely covered even if you’re only wearing shorts and a crop top. They also serve the purpose of making house wear formal enough for leaving the house – one of the owners of Ruff Tung even told me she swears by them because she can wear them around the house yet still meet with clients, and, I mean, who am I to disagree? Comfort is cool, and so are kimonos.

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outfit | opposite of adults

‘opposite of adults’, alternatively titled, ‘the security guard thought i was too fat to be on a seesaw’.

my polaroid camera was a birthday gift and it is my world 

you know, since i recently turned eighteen, i haven’t actually felt that different. sure, i can vote, drink, drive (when i get my ish together), gamble, get married, get my own gym membership, my own savings account, blahblahblahblahblah, and sure, some of those things are daunting, but other than that, i’ve been very calm about this whole aging process.

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