disney love

happy (belated) valentines day! in the spirit of all things love-related, for school, we decided that the theme for the valentines day civvies day should be disney love, because who doesnt love at least one of the disney classics? we had people coming to school as mickey and minnie mouse, lilo from lilo and stitch, esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame and so much more. i took the opportunity to dress up as one of my favourite disney princesses, jasmine from aladdin, and suffice to say, i had my outfit planned + bought before we even announced the theme to the rest of the school.

on the 14th, we also held our annual valentines day social and our theme was casino royale – the crew worked so hard to make it happen and the turn out was great, if i do say so myself. i was, naturally, on photo duty and i took that as an invitation to have some fun with it and make some photobooth strips of our guests! it was honestly one of the most intense days of my life, and i found multiple new reasons to dislike valentines day – none of which having to do with my complete and utter singledom, funny enough. all in all, it was a success, so i thought i’d share some pics of the day! lemme know what you did this valentines day too 🙂

what i wore:
  • jasmine outfit from china town
  • head chain from fordsburg markets
  • jelly sandals from cotton on
and for the valentines social…

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what’s scarier than… candy crush?

happy belated halloween and stuff! seeing as i don’t actually celebrate the holiday and usually just do group dress-up for school civvies days, the fact that it was thursday evening and i hadn’t actually planned an outfit got me all shook up. because, like… what was i gonna do?

i really wanted to be wednesday adams – buuuut i accidentally gave my wednesday adams-esque dress up dress away to charity. and i desperately wanted to be 50 shades of grey using paint strips, buuuut i didn’t plan it out (and tanya beat me to it, so it actually all worked out). and i refused to be a cat. so, with the theme being ‘lonehill horror story’, i was casually playing candy crush and then i was just like – what’s scarier and more horrifying than a level you’ve been stuck on for a month. (i would know – it’s happened to be 3 times.) and alas, here we are, with about six pages of printed candies and 21 odd safety pins. diy. lol

people really committed this year, too – they came as minions (yellow paint and all), boys came as babies (diapers and all) and boys came as girls (leggings and crop tops and all), there were some dear nurses, seven dwarves, fairies, sailors, superheroes and zombies, it was overall pretty intense.