beauty | brighten up your smile with opalescence go!

beauty | brighten up your smile with opalescence go!

This post is sponsored by Opalescence Go.

For someone who doesn’t drink coffee and who doesn’t smoke, I seem to have found myself in the predicament of having slightly yellow-stained teeth. Luckily, fast forward to the end of January 2018, Opalescence Go sent me their home teeth whitening kit to try.

As part of my self-care and self-improvement journey, I thought why not upgrade my smile and whiten my teeth in the process. The kit had the added benefit of excluding the little UV light, which makes it a little easier to balance in your mouth, and they kindly included a soft bristle toothbrush and a special toothpaste to accompany the 10 day teeth whitening kit.

What makes this kit a little different to the ones you usually see on Instagram is that it excludes the little syringes with the whitening gel (because the trays are ready to use); you don’t have to reuse your tooth mould/gum tray (they provide a pack of ten ready made upper and lower trays) and it doesn’t need to be UV light activated! Also – this kit is only sold by dentists, so it basically has the guarantee of being legit.

My experience with the tray was relatively pleasant – you put it in your mouth and remove the green tray, leaving behind a clear tray with the gel in it, and then keep it there for 60-90 minutes. When you’re done, take it out and brush your teeth! The reason why I say my experience was only relatively pleasant was because my molars are quite sensitive because I grind my teeth, so the gel made my teeth a little more sensitive, as well as the tray sat on the edge of my gums and irritated them a bit. But general teeth sensitivity was said to be expected, and the irritation went down after some time so it’s nothing to worry too much about. Having the tray in your mouth is really just something to get used to!

While I did not see (or rather, I could not accurately capture) drastically different results, I can say that the trays definitely did improve the overall colour of my teeth – which is great!

Since the product is new to launch in SA and can only be accessed through dentists, you can find out where to find it in your city by going onto their website here. You can see the full range of Opalescence products there too! The site will be continuously updated as more regions stock the product You can also check out the brand on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to learn more and see some demonstrations on how to use them.

Let me know about your home teeth whitening experiences!


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  1. February 21, 2018 / 8:09 pm

    I’ve actually been looking for ways to whiten my teeth. I just bough Ruby woo by mac and that lipstick won’t sit right up against my smile. . . I’ll actually ask after this when i go to the dentist. . .which has to be like now! thanks for the post girl. I hope its student budget friendly.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    • Foyin Og
      March 9, 2018 / 8:52 am

      Yay! I hope it all works out 🙂