outfit | winter baddie

outfit | winter baddie

Photos by Ayabukwa Bikitsha

On the 8th of June, I won tickets to Cosmopolitan & Forever New’s VIP Shopping Experience in Canal Walk and throughout that evening, they took us through some of the major trends for this season. Two of them that really got me good were bodysuits and the colour maroon (it probably had to do with Marsala being Pantone’s Colour Of The Year last year ?).

I love this bodysuit so much – you don’t even understand. Not only is it my current favourite colour (even matches my lipstick!), it doesn’t give you a wedgie (!!!!!!!) and┬áthe tie can be worn different ways. You can make a choker, a bow, leave them loose, etc. But I think I’m just too chuffed about the ‘no wedgie’ thing because most bodysuits really flop in that area.

The other two trends that I also managed to incorporate into this outfit were those tops-with-matching-chokers-thing and thigh high boots. I think I’ve talked a lot about my obsession with thigh high boots before, but guys – I really love them. I got a really good deal for them at H&M for R750 – but my only complaint about these is that they have no zip and since they’re the ‘sock’ type of thigh highs, they can fall down really easily, so you often have to pull them up to make sure they remain thigh highs. Another place to get some amazing value thigh high boots is Superbalist! You can shop them here.

Basically, my outfit has me feeling like a lowkey baddie and I’m here for it, ha. I don’t have the Instagram BadBad Body but sometimes I feel like I can dress like one ?

P.S., I filmed a tutorial for the make up look in this post and I should be posting it quite sooooon! Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to see on my channel!

Enjoy your week ahead!

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bodysuit: forever new | jeans: topshop | thigh high boots: h&m | bag: h&m | earrings: forever new

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