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In the spirit of all things Australian (Cotton On, Forever New, and things like, uh, Vegemite??), E! Entertainment’s newest fashion forward show – aptly named, Fashion Bloggers (Sundays on E! at 10pm)- is basically everything a young blogger like myself dreams about. These five women from across the pond are living the dream, and their Instagrams are living proof.

Following a post I made a while ago showcasing my five favourite aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts of the moment, I thought it would be interesting to catch a glimpse at what the future will hold if I ever get my Chiara Ferragni/Nicole Warne on (one day is one day!). So, without further ado:

5 Australian Bloggers Of The Moment

1. Zanita Whittington


Zanita, aka a model, blogger behind Zanita, photographer, stylist, etcetcetc, is currently one of my favourite bloggers of the moment. A quirky heart after my own, I’m obsessing over her personality, her amazing legs and her penchant for luxurious trench coats. I also love how she’s a self taught photographer who not only photographs for other people’s blogs but has her own online blog academy to help people like me learn how to use their DSLRs to the full.

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2. Sara Donaldson

collage2Sara Donaldson is the fashion blogging brainchild behind Harper & Harleya blog basically dedicated to a minimalistic closet and online shopping finds. When my closet finally consists of only black, grey and white, you will have this particular woman to blame. I love that she is so true to her aesthetic and her brand, and when you watch Fashion Bloggers, you can really see that come through.

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3. Margaret Zhang


Margaret Zhang, the face behind Shine By Threemight be a prime example of multitasking goals. She’s a blogger, stylist, photographer, model, creative director, Commerce & Law university student and reigning queen of the flat spread Instagram photo. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to reach her level of Instagram taking, until then, though, I’ll learn from the master and snap photos of my food hurriedly in shame while my lunch companion cowers in shame.

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4. Amanda Shadforth


Amanda Shadforth is the 4th corner of the Fashion Bloggers pentagon, running the ever successful Oracle Fox blog when she’s not too busy being a jet-(and trend)-setting photographer, illustrator and stylist. A serious contender for Margaret’s Queen Of Flat Spread’s title, Amanda really has that minimalist thing going for her which I totally envy (maybe in my next lifetime).

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5. Kate Waterhouse


The former fashion editor of The Sun-Herald and now freelance writer, mommy & wife, Kate Waterhouse of the Kate Waterhouse blog is definitely living the life, writing her own column and interviewing celebrities for a living. Must be nice, ha!

Blog | Instagram

I definitely can’t wait for the next episode of Fashion Bloggers and to see what these lovely ladies are doing in the new year.

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