london fashion week: my faves thus far

i’ve noticed that i haven’t actually been keeping up (or rather, posting about) the various fashion weeks – seeing as i already missed new york fashion week. i know right. anywho, even though it’s four days into london fashion week, i thought, why not give a summary of my favourites from the runway shows? and then i thought, maybe it’s because there have been about 4938 fashion shows.

so here’s a compromise: i will be posting my top five favourite looks from the shows i liked – bearing in mind that a lot of these designers i have never heard of before, so my excitement has all to do with fashion and little to do with pretense.

enjoy, and let me know who your favourite picks were! all images are courtesy of

1) roksanda illincic

one thing i really liked about this collection was the colour – it was vibrant but not overbearing. the second look uses a paler yellow and contrasts it with the grey and black from the bodice, which i instantly fell in love with. even the use of my current favourite colour (black) was contrasted brilliantly with the orange above, as not to overthrow the entire look. (fun fact: the tailored pants in the third look? i have a pair almost identical to them that i bought in primark in december 2011 for about £8-10). the adore the fifth look merely because it’s something i can literally wear right off the runway. the detail on the jacket it more than enough – it’s bold, yet still very classy. also, as much as i appreciate the theatrical aspect of a fashion show, i also enjoy the toned down uniformity of the hair/make-up/shoes. the outfits contain enough colour, it needn’t flamboyant hair and make-up as well.

2) erdem spring

one word: monochrome. or two words: black & white. or was that three? does & count? either way, this collection spoke to me for two reasons: the abundance of these two colours, or shades if you want to get technical, and the use of lace and embroidery. sheer garments have been a trend i’ve been seeing, and usually it’s in terms of sheer dresses where the underwear is clearly visible which makes me clearly uncomfortable, i really like how that technique was used here in looks one and five. i was so intrigued by that embroidered pairing in look four – it’s see through yet you see nothing. and look two is cool because it reminds me of this wool i used to knit with when i was eight years old. ah, nostalgia.

3) bora aksu

despite my lack of colour representation in these picks, the collection was actually choc full of it. lemon yellows and rich fuschias – you can see the full thing here. i really loved the rich, textured fabrics (do the first two looks include baroque?) and just the beautiful craftsmanship, like in look four. the collection itself was relatively simple – it just made use of contrasting textures, like chiffon and lace with heavier fabrics and i really believed that it worked. and seeing these looks really made me regret not buying socks when i had the chance at cotton on.

4) jean-pierre braganza

easily one of my favourite collections. have you ever just seen something where you have to try to find something you don’t like? that’s how i felt here. the shoes – simple, classy, on trend (we love our pointed toe). the colours – pastel and black, just how i like it. the prints – oh, how the prints made me fall in love. bold yet subtle and incredibly wearable. and asymmetry? zara’s skort/blogger uniform was just the beginning. and that tracksuit (look one) with heels? so much yes. this collection just made me so excited. give me a moment.

5) david koma

and speaking of favourite collections and symmetry, david koma’s ss 2014 collection rises to the occasion. it is just a plethora of clean, well constructed symmetrical garments using incredibly clean lines and the use of white and black accenting to draw your attention to it. the matching shoes and sleek, pulled back hair also edify the precision of the collection. i am completely besotted with it, i mean, just look at it. perfect for spring/summer. snaps and claps for you, david.

6) house of holland

i really look forward to house of holland because henry always designs some really cool stuff, and this collection was no exception. 1) the runway. look at it. walking on a cloud, literally. 2) the incorporation of snapbacks (look four) in an otherwise pristine, formal-casual dress. 3) fabric. i love the different uses of fabrics here – lace, chiffon, and look at that printed (is it a jumpsuit or a two piece? help!) garment in look three. i want it. 4) the shoes. strappy sandals are all the rage, particularly for the summer months. it just seemed like it was such an amazing show to be at. lfw-fomo 🙁

7) holly fulton

you had me at look number one. that printed skirt and jacket needs to be mine. now. and the breezy element in look two that demands to be worn on a spring day? that too. look threes clean class? that as well. look four and five’s eclectic detailing? you had me at ‘detail’. the side-swept hairdos? also me, i want. and the cute little wedges? that, i think i actually have so we’re all good. regardless, i really enjoyed the class and femininity of this collection – it’s absolutely stunning.

8) preen by thornton bregazzi

a white canvas can seem boring, it then relies solely on what you place on it. thornton bregazzi did a wonderful job of using a mixture of floral and geometric patterms on these garments – it takes those classy asymmetrical silhouettes up a notch by adding an aspect of on trend ingenuity to it. i would happily wear the tops from look one and two, and the jacket from look five? i dream of it already. clean designs, classic silhouettes, modern edge.

9) mary katrantzou

at first, i just thought that the fabric had a cool print. then i took a closer look and realised that the prints for the first half or so of the collection are actually blown up images of shoes (chopped and screwed of course, but shoes nonetheless). i laughed for about 42 seconds when i noticed that and thought it was so clever, they were literally wearing their shoes haha. other than that, i really loved the floral prints and the change of silhouette for the more whimsical aspect of the collection. i really liked this show.

and so, that wraps up my london fashion week (up to day four) analysis. how do you know you can trust my opinion? i don’t get paid to do any of this. so if i like it, i like it. haha.


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  1. September 17, 2013 / 6:05 pm

    Love the jean pierre braganza collection!