Love Poems

Love Poems

Once again, I changed up the blog a bit. It seems like the only consistent thing about me is change. Oh, the paradox that is life. Moving on.

Love Another

Meet Rudy Francisco. His hobbies include editing his life story, hiding behind metaphors and trying to convince his shadow that he is someone worth following – all of which he does when he’s not too busy performing his poetry and making a seventeen year old girl blush (figuratively) and ache for a boyfriend who loves her so much that a poem like this would be written in her honor *swoons*. This poem reawakened my bitter and hardened inner romantic and I just need somebody to feel like I do/did when I heard this. Enjoy.

Love Yourself

Now, meet Sarah Kay. She needs no introduction or back story because her spoken word poetry speaks for her and she gives her own poetic back story in the video. It may be long, but I can guarantee you, it is worth it. I did her little exercise and here’s what I came up with:
3 Things I Know To Be True:
1) There is the sky above me.
2) There is the earth below me.
3) Although sometimes dim, there is a fire within me.

Love The Fact That It’s Not A Poem But It’s Erykah So

The title of the blog is ‘Love Poems’ but I got caught in a YouTube hole and found one of my favourite Badu songs. Music and poetry are both an art form, so I was basically on target.
You don’t have to believe everything you think – we’ve been programmed, wake up, we miss you.

^ that is also new. just seeing how it goes.

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