I’ll Wear Your Mother’s Jeans

I’ll Wear Your Mother’s Jeans

Please take my corny punny title as an apology for my lack of blog posts this week. I have inspiration, I just haven’t felt like writing posts. Seems like I blogged more during my exams, but I’ll try to be better – promise!

On Friday the 28th of June, I went to Sandton City to indulge in my favourite time of year – sale season. A lot of the pieces in my outfit were actually bought on the day, except the necklace, which is my moms from a market and the denim shirt which was bought last year from Mr Price (which now delivers worldwide, by the way!).

Here is the low down on the new items:

  • My Chic Happens sweatshirt from Mr Price which is part of another beloved South African blogger’s (The Quirky Stylista) fashion range for Mr Price. It’s cute, simple and actually really warm!
  • These amazing Topshop Mom Jeans (hence the blog post’s title, teehee) which surprisingly weren’t on sale but I caved and bought them anyway because I’ve been searching for a nice pair of high-waisted/mom jeans for years and I really liked their fit!
  • Creepers from Woolworths – I was beyond surprised to find them there of all places (and on sale, too!). When I went to Topshop that day, I was shocked that I didn’t find any there, or at Cotton On either, so when I saw them at Woolworths, I was so excited that I bought them in a heartbeat. A lot of people have reservations about them, and I must admit, I didn’t like them at first either, but when I saw the different heights of them and the different ways you can style them, I realised that one inch isn’t that bad and they are actually very easy to walk in, contrary to popular belief! But I’m not quite ready for Jeffrey Campbells like this and I don’t think I ever will be, lol.
I also changed my hair, and even though it’s only temporary before I redo my braids, I thought why not do a look post with it!


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