Today I Went To…

Today I Went To…
Well, actually, I went to Sandton City but going to Topshop might have made me the happiest. Their collections never seem to disappoint – well, at least not me (my mom went in before me and left about five minutes later because there “wasn’t much in there”). So I thought I could share a few of my favourite winter picks from the store (except the accessories and shoes, if I had the chance to fully engage with them, I would still be there now). Also, one should never underestimate the value of a mirror selfie.
Before I do, though, here’s what I wore today:
Shirt from H&M London, Leather Jacket from Yeye Oge Morningside, Leggings from Woolworths, Boots from Topshop
Now to begin with my absolute favourite – this jersey/top with Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight lyrics on it.

So excited to see that Topshop SA now has disco pants!
Need this denim skater skirt!

I also went to Cotton On today and bought this beautiful jacket and a new sweater, because sweater weather is better weather and when Joburg finally decides to have a legitimate winter, I need to be prepared.

(To all those writing exams – like I am about to begin on Monday – good luck!!)



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