I Have An Eye For DIY

I Have An Eye For DIY

Once again, boredom rolled in, a pair of shorts were in my line of view and a bottle bleach was within reach, and I got a little creative… Welcome to the land of Foyin’s Experimentations With Things She’s Seen On Tumblr (its a long name but it’ll catch on). Today, we take a look into the world of ombre denim.

What You Need:

  • A pair of shorts (mine are from Mr Price)
  • Bleach (I used JIK)
  • A bucket
  • Patience

    What You Do:

    • Wet the area of the jeans that you want to ombre, and then fold them.
    • Put your jeans in the bucket (or wherever you’re going to dye them)
    • Put the shorts in the bucket – try make the wet area be on the ground and the area you don’t want to dye rest on the side.
    • I suggest you read the instructions on the bottle of the bleach that you’re using – with JIK (and other strong bleaches, I suppose), I poured the bleach directly onto the area of the jeans, and pour enough bleach so that the jeans are soaked.
    • And then you wait! 
    • Keep checking on your shorts and turning them over so that they dye evenly.
    • When you’re satisfied, take the jeans out of the bleach, rinse them and then wash them.
    • Then enjoy your hiptastic new shorts! 🙂

    Tweet me pictures if you’ve tried your own DIY 🙂

    xo, Foyin Og


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