Gotye Makes Everything Better

Everyone knows him as the man who sings the song, Somebody That I Used To Know, but Wally De Backer, commonly known as Gotye, is more than that – he’s a musician; an artist. The 32 year old, Belgian-Australian, multi-instrumental singer composed and wrote most of the songs on his 3rd album, Making Mirrors. Gotye plays the guitar, drums, keyboard, synthesizer and percussion instruments and all of that came in handy for the production of his album. Gotye’s music has a very alternative/indie vibe – it’s the kind of music you can listen to any time of day, doing any activity.

I’m head over heels in love with this album, be sure to check it out, particularly the songs Easy Way Out, Somebody That I Used To Know, Eyes Wide Open, Smoke And Mirrors, In Your Light and I Feel Better. Musical bliss!

Also, be sure to watch this amazing YouTube video of a five person band called Walk Off The Earth perform Somebody That I Used To Know, and all of them are playing one guitar simultaneously. It’s absolutely amazing! I’m posting it below along with a few Gotye songs to wet your appetite before you get the album 🙂

xo, Foyin Og

Walk Off The Earth’s cover of Somebody That I Used To Know

/Smoke And Mirrors – Gotye

Eyes Wide Open – Gotye

I Feel Better – Gotye

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